Year in Review

An overview of the past 12 months of activity on Twitter’s Open Source projects.

This webpage updates weekly and provides a sliding window into the previous 12 months. Patches are always welcome.

Top 10 repos

These are our top 10 GitHub repositories, ranked by total commit counts.

Total commits


Our contributors are located all around the world. This list is based on self reported locations from our contributors’ GitHub profiles.

United States flag United States
Greece flag Greece
Germany flag Germany
United Kingdom flag United Kingdom
Singapore flag Singapore
China flag China
Belgium flag Belgium
Austria flag Austria
Peru flag Peru
Australia flag Australia

*Top 10 locations ranked by commits, accurate as of Aug 2019

Heat metrics

Heat means work. We measure heat by the number and frequency of commits and committers across our repos.

Commits reflect the amount of activity across our repositories.
Committers are the unique individuals that drive change in our repositories.

Light metrics

Light means visibility. We measure visibility by number of watchers subscribed to updates, and number of people who have favorited our projects.

Watchers receive notifications for some or all changes to our codebases.
Stars show preference for a repository, like a bookmark.

Love metrics

Love means culture and support. We measure love by the number of users who have copied our projects and contributed changes back upstream.

Forks represent full-copies of our repositories, usually for development and testing.
PRs merged
Our users contribute pull requests (PRs) directly back to us.


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